Radio Controlled Effects & Animated Props

Bespoke prop making service for professional theatre companies.

Phil Martin works extensively in wood, epoxy and polyester glassfibre laminates, and Styrofoam, building simple items such as a tombola to complex radio controlled animated props such as the panda. Many of the props feature self contained effects that one would normally expect to be operated by remote cable and powered by mains electricity, but in fact operated by radio control and powered by batteries, often rechargeable cyclic Lead acid or nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries. A variety of radio controlled effects can be incorporated into props such as dimmable par 16 lamps, variable speed motors, fan blowers and mirror wheels, smoke machines and servo motors offering small low force movements such as moving eyes in puppets to large heavy duty motors which can easily, for instance, slam the lid of a harpsichord up and down. Sound equipment can often be incorporated into props, again being powered by batteries.

All but the simplest of props are supplied with a user manual detailing the setting up, operation and maintenance of the equipment. Unless requested otherwise, suitable chargers are supplied, and if lead acid batteries are used, battery record sheets.

Phil is able to call on the services of others such as puppet makers, sculptors, metal workers, scenic artists and engineers to ensure that all aspects of the prop are to a professional standard.


For further information, please contact: Phil Martin 01225 852218 or 0777 196 7725

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